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Causes of Depression

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Depression causes pessimism. It discourages effort and kills initiative. It produces despair and sickness in the mind and body. It infects others also. It makes one a prey to all kinds of negative thoughts. It makes one resort to rash and thoughtless actions.

The causes of depression in each individual may be different. It should be found out and intelligently analysed and understood. The method of overcoming it will be easy and effective.

Here are some of the factors that cause depression in people:

1. Sometimes the cause may be physical; it may be due to indigestion.

2. A cloudy day sometimes causes depression in people.

3. Ill health is a contributory factor. Sometimes one may be lacking in certain essential vitamins, and this may be the cause of the depression.

4. The revival of old bad habits, the unpleasant memories of which recur in the mind again and again.

5. Hatred, revenge, anger, jealousy, envy, the guilt complex-all these bring about a morbid state of mind and depression.

6. Inability to face difficulties, trials and setbacks. Inability to face failure. Lack of initiative and will-power.

7. Unnecessary fear, worry and anxiety are great contributory causes of depression.

8. A weak nervous system makes one a prey to depression. Sexual excess, fear, worry, jealousy, hatred, anger, overwork and tension are some of the causes of a depleted mental and nervous state.

9. Inhibitions resulting from inadequate parental upbringing may surface in later life and torment one mentally.

The above are some of the causes. There are also occult causes which are referred to further on. 

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