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The Brahmacharya Vow

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1. Keep the picture of Gurudev Swami Sivananda, your Guru if you are following a particular Master, or any Deity, like Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Siva, etc. at the front door of your home. Before you leave home for school, bow to the Lord and ask for protection. When you return from school, bow again and offer thanks to the Guru or to God for protecting you.

2. Spiritual Darlings of the Divine Life Society from Standard 4 upwards take the vow of Brahmacharya at the monthly Yoga Camp.

3. All other boys and girls can also take the vow. Take a bath, wear clean clothes and take the vow before the picture of your Guru or any Deity. Renew the vow daily. Promise the Guru or your Deity that you will not break the vow before marriage.

4. Any boy or girl who wishes to take the vow may complete the Brahmacharya Form at the bottom of this page and send it to Divine Life Society, addressed to Swami Sahajananda. This will be the most beautiful gift that one can offer to God.

5. Lord Rama, who was God Himself taking birth on earth, set the best example for us. When He left on exile, His father, King Dasaratha, mourned bitterly, saying, "Worn out with His study of the Vedas, His observance of the Brahmacharya vow, His service of His Gurus, my son, at the moment when enjoyment should be his, is to suffer further privations." What a glorious example the Lord set for us, even though He was married to Sita. Sita herself was peerless in her purity and chastity.

6. The Bhagavata predicted many thousands of years ago the conditions that will prevail in this present age-Kali Yuga. These predictions are now being published in Western journals. The present conduct of husbands and wives, of parents and children, of employers and employees, was predicted in this scripture. The holy Bhagavata specifically mentioned that addiction to carnal pleasures-and not water and other accidents-will be the main cause of pain and suffering in this age.

When we see the behaviour of males and females, of young boys and girls, and witness all that appears on TV and in the media, we cannot but fully agree with the prediction. To help us in our present state of acute suffering, the all-merciful Lord has provided us with numerous spiritual institutions, temples, Ashrams and other facilities. He has provided us with any amount of inspiring spiritual literature. Many Mahatmas have come out of seclusion and are taking the message of hope to the very homes of the people. We no longer have to seek them out for Darshan and solace; they are coming to us themselves.

7. After Dhanwantari had taught all the details about Ayurveda, his disciples enquired the key-note of this science. The Master replied: "I tell you that Brahmacharya is truly a precious jewel; it is the one most effective medicine to destroy diseases, decay and death. For attaining brightness, peace, memory, knowledge, health and vision of God, one should observe Brahmacharya. It is the highest Dharma. It is the greatest strength. Saluting Brahmacharya first, the cases beyond cure, I cure. Aye, Brahmacharya can undo all inauspicious signs."

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