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1. At Umgababa, the Gozololo Children's Home comprising 3 blocks, including a residential block, was established in partnership with the Miriam Cele Centre.

2. In 2005, fifty computers were installed in Computer Training Centres in Stanger, Estcourt and Richards Bay.

3. A joint venture with the Ministry of Sport resulted in the creation of an Olympic-size swimming pool in Ulundi. It is the only public swimming facility in Ulundi.

4. Traditional African Handicraft Centres: 7 such centres were built in 2002 as part of a self-help initiative in rural areas.

5. Two Community Halls were built in the Umlalazi Municipality in 2008.

6. Liberal financial contributions were also made to about 40 temple organisations and institutions in South Africa, as well as numerous institutions abroad.

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